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PRCC Media Team

Luis Alejandro Molina

Senior Advisor

Luis Alejandro Molina, Secretary of the PRCC Board of Directors, advises the Executive Director and the Editor in Chief about the coordination of communications strategy. He provides strategic advice and support on all aspects of media and communication for the PRCC. He is also responsible for the PRCC's Digital Archives.

Xiomara Rodriguez

Director, PRCC Digital Presence Initiative

Xiomara Rodríguez is responsible for our website, social media, and digital to print as well as the Editor of La Voz. Xiomara melds a highly defined set of skills in the realm of informatics with an equal zeal for social justice informed by a decolonizing mission. Xiomara is deeply rooted in the Humboldt Park community, where her family has been active in this community for generations.

Leslie Bustos

Social Media Assistant

Leslie Bustos manages the organization's Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter accounts while creating and curating engaging digital content. Leslie ensures that PRCC's social media presence remains vibrant and up-to-date. She also updates La Voz Del Paseo Boricua's Instagram with the latest articles, connecting and informing the community. Lastly, she curates La Voz del Paseo Boricua, the PRCC’s online newspaper.

Roberto Sanabria


Roberto Sanabria is responsible for proofreading the articles for our website, social media, digital to print, and digital archive.

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