24th Chicago Latino Film Festival to Honor Puerto Rican filmmaker, Jacobo Morales


On April 16, join the Puerto Rican Cultural Center contingent as we attend the closing night reception of the Latino Film Festival honoring Jacobo Morales with the “Gloria Lifetime Achievement” Award. After the reception, we will attend the Chicago premiere of the Jacobo Morales’ feature film “Angel.” Free for 100 x 35 members. $10 Tickets and transportation will be available at the Puerto Rican Cultural Center.

Gilberto Concepción Suárez wrote of Morales, “Jacobo Morales has been a very important factor in theater, radio, television, the movies, both in Puerto Rico and abroad, although he has always preferred the topics and scenes of Puerto Rico. Without a doubt, we can call him the most multi-faceted and talented of Puerto Rican artists of all time. But those are not the principal qualities of Jacobo Morales. Dedicated to ingrained principles, with serious and deep convictions and an absolute determination to live under the protection of them with a bright look to future, he knows the only way to develop is to cultivate his commitment to human beings: his family, friends, people, and affirmation of individual and collective destiny. For the second half of the 20th Century, Jacobo has been a true lighthouse. The light to guide the way; more than a human being, he has been an entity always looking and finding, a point of support and answer. From his multitude of works, and excellence in which he has accomplished them, Jacobo has been the most relevant and stable figure in the first 50 years of television in Puerto Rico.”

For more information on the events, please call Raul Echevarria at 773/278-6751 or email him at [email protected].