33 Mujeres at South Bronx Hub


The group 33 Mujeres NYC x Oscar held its monthly rally today at the South Bronx Hub on East 149th Street to demand the freedom of Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera.

33 Mujeres NYC x Oscar is a group of women from New York City committed to securing Oscar López Rivera’s freedom. We hold monthly rallies for 33 minutes on the last Sunday of every month from 4:00 – 4:33pm to signify the 33 years that Oscar has been imprisoned in federal penitentiaries, and will continue to hold monthly rallies until he is released. Our rallies coincide with the 32 x Oscar monthly rally that will occur at the same date and time in San Juan, Puerto Rico which are organized and held by 32 women who initiated these public rallies last year to mark Oscar’s 32nd year of imprisonment.

Oscar López Rivera – the Nelson Mandela of our generation – is the longest held Puerto Rican political prisoner in the history of the nation’s independence movement. Activists, singers, politicians, actors, students, religious leaders and lawyers the world over have called on President Barack Obama to exercise his Constitutional power of pardon, and to grant immediate and unconditional release to Oscar López Rivera.


The group’s next rally will be held in East Harlem in Sunday, November 30th.