Call to Join the Oscar Lopez Rivera Unitary Contingent for the National Puerto Rican Parade Sunday, June 8 by Clarisa López


My name is Clarisa López Ramos and I am the sole daughter of Oscar López Rivera. To our family and to me, it is an honor that New York’s 57th National Puerto Rican Day Parade is paying tribute to my dad, who is the last Puerto Rican political prisoner. Many voices have joined our plea for freedom to President Obama, voices from across the spectrum of Puerto Rican civic life: politicians, religious leaders, students, unions and community-based organizations. That is why I encourage all Boricuas, the ones who (like me) live on the Island and those in the diaspora, to join me. I invite all Boricuas and all my Latino brothers and sisters to meet me in New York, on Sunday, June 8, at 11 am, by 5th Avenue and 44th Street, to walk with me, hand in hand, for the release of my father with, “One People, Many Voices” because we are more than one voice.