CAN TV’s Future at Stake in Comcast Franchise Renewal

PRCC Joins Committee for Media Access
As Comcast seeks a $45 billion merger with Time Warner, it is an appropriate time to insure that, unlike many public access centers in Comcast cities which have have suffered cut backs and lost channels and even shut down entirely, Chicago is at the forefront of making the city a model of 21st century democratization of technology, and collaboration between big corporations and low-income communities.

CAN TV helps bring to the forefront issues of importance to the Puerto Rican/Latino community in taping events such as the Puerto Rican People’s Parade, Fiesta Boricua, 32 Days for 32 Years Project as well as covering topics of contemporary interest such as immigration reform.

The Chicago City Council will vote on Tuesday, March 4th for an extension to Comcast’s franchise. The Puerto Rican Cultural Center will be there to support CAN TV and urge the City to push for an equitable settlement that includes direct funding, technical parity and  sustainable funding for decades to come.

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