Clemente 40th Anniversary Fundraiser Committee Initiates Buy-a-Brick Campaign


In honor of the 40th anniversary of the first school in the US to be named after legendary Baseball Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente, Clemente Community Academy is offering the opportunity to become a part of that history. For a limited time, we will commemorate donations to the Roberto Clemente 40th anniversary fundraiser by adding the names of those who have contributed to the Wall of Fame. This will be a permanent display in our lobby which will highlight the names of all who have given generously  to the celebration. Each brick will carry the name of the person making the donation or one of the below options. The donations will fall into 3 categories, Standard $50, All-Star $100, and MVP $250.

3 pricing options-

* Wall of Fame-$50 donation
* All-Star $100 donation
* MVP $250 donation
All bricks are bronze with black lettering and border

Naming options available are :

* Name
* Name and Graduation Year
* Mr & Mrs Name

Please see the Roberto Clemente website for further information.