Clemente LSC Election Produces Landslide Victory for “Clemente is Our School” Slate; Community’s Vision Reaffirmed


It was the highest level of interest in Local School Council (LSC) Elections in the 13 years that I have been here.” Luis Salgado, Clemente Technology Coordinator

The “Clemente is our School” Slate claimed a landslide victory Tuesday, April 8th, in its local school council elections. The two contested Community Representative positions pitted Edwin Diaz, Clemente 2013 graduate and freshmen film student at Columbia College and Alejandro Luis Molina, PRCC Board Secretary and Technology Consultant against Iris Millan and Evangeline Barton Joyce.

The Slate’s victory was a strong affirmation of the vision that the Clemente LSC has painstakingly built over the past 4 years, under the Presidency of Judy Vazquez, working with Principal Marcey Sorensen. Marcey and her leadership team has developed a strong community partnership with New Life Covenant Church and Rebaño Church, Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School, the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, West Town Leadership United, Near Northwest neighborhood Network and the Puerto Rican Agenda among others which was already successful in the Clemente/Community Luncheon on March 7.

It was the highest number of votes in the last 15 years” Judy Vázquez, Clemente LSC Chair

The election was also a resounding rejection of both of the contenders agendas for the Community Representatives slot both who argued that Clemente needed to be fixed from the “outside”.

This election victory clearly paves the way for the next two years to insure the continuous progress for Clemente in the following areas:

1)   The implementation of IB candidate status

2)   The implementation of Community as a Campus plan, approved by CPS, which seeks to harness the community’s social capital.

3)   The drive to increase freshman recruitment efforts for the next year.

4)   The continuation of the Freshman on Track rate is 99.9% (after first semester.)

5)   The development of the Pipeline project college initiative.

6)   Beginning planning Tech integration

The “Clemente is Our School Slate would like to express its gratitude to everyone who came out to vote, especially Alderman Proco “Joe” Moreno and Alderman Roberto Maldonado.