Designing A Mobile App for Walking Tours of the Puerto Rican Community in Chicago (IPRO Update)


Students in IPRO 310 from the Illinois Institute of Technology are working together with the Puerto Rican Cultural Center (PRCC) to design a walking tour app that will take users through the Puerto Rican community in Chicago. This app will be designed for both iOS and Android operating systems.  It will highlight and describe the historical significance of the community, the murals, and other points of interest. There are two groups working together to complete the task, a research team and a tech team.

The tech team will design and create the app.  So far, it has developed a preliminary design of a paper prototype of the application that represents the user interface along with basic functions and descriptions.  It has also developed a working Google map for the Android device. Students working on the iOS have produced a basic user interface for the app and are just beginning to develop the Google map. In the coming weeks, the team will add points to the maps for all the murals and historical points of interest on the walking tour. The team will later add descriptions of these points, as well as the route that walkers should follow to visit the sites on the tour.

The research team first decided what points of interest to include in the tour, and then presented the list to members of the PRCC.  Once we reached agreement, the research team divided the points of interest among the members of the team.  Each one then researched their site and put together a description of it.  The type of information for each site will be as uniform as possible. When the description of each site is complete, the research team will hand it over to the tech team so they can insert it in the application they are producing.