Easter Egg Hunt at El Rescate


By Zenaida López, El Rescate

Easter is perhaps the most important of the Christian holidays, because it celebrates Christ’s resurrection from the dead following his death on Good Friday. Considered a rebirth that is commemorated around equinox, which coincides with the arrival of spring, and symbolizes the arrival of light and the awakening of life around us.

The history of Easter reveals rich associations between the Christian faith and the unrelated practices of the early pagan religions. Easter traditions that we practice today evolved from pagan symbols, from the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs and the Easter egg hunt.

In celebration of Easter, El Rescate staff organized an Easter egg hunt for the residents. This was not your ordinary egg hunt, although some eggs were filled with delicious candies at least half of the eggs were filled with money, ranging from $1 $5, $10, and $ 20 inside the eggs.

Some residents were hesitant to participate because they considered the egg hunt a game for children and they did not want to play a children’s game but once they found out money was involved all rose up to the occasion.

The residents scattered throughout the office and outside the building searching for the eggs, some becoming frustrated when they found eggs with only candy inside. It was such great fun seeing the residents laughing and running after each other searching for eggs.

The big winner was Kishawna Irvin who literally ripped the hand sanitizer container off the wall to claim her $20 egg. The egg hunt culminated with an Easter cake and ice cream for all the residents and staff.

Staff donated the money used for the event.