Grand Opening of La Casa De Don Oscar y Doña Blanca


On Friday, November 29th the National Boricua Human Rights Network held the grand opening of “La Casa de Don Oscar y Doña Blanca” located at 2628 W. Division. The space is dedicated to Oscar López Rivera, the Puerto Rican political prisoner who has been imprisoned for 32 years, and Blanca Canales, the infamous Puerto Rican nationalist leader who served 17 years in prison.

At the event, the President of the Jayuya Legislative Assembly, Frankie Torres Pagán, presented a portrait of Blanca Canales that will be permanently displayed at “La Casa de Don Oscar and Doña Canales.” During his presentation, Frankie directed his speech to Karina, Oscar Lopez Rivera’s granddaughter, explaining to her and the audience in attendance how her grandfather and Blanca Canales’ life and legacy are intricately connected. He detailed the life of Blanca Canales and how she was falsely accused of killing an officer and three others during “El Grito de Jayuya,” the uprising that occurred on October 30, 1950.  “La Casa De Don Oscar y Doña Canales” will be used as a space to display Oscar López Rivera’s paintings and for people to learn more about him. The space will also be used as space to support artists in the Humboldt Park community.