Humboldt Park Youth as Agents of Change & Inspiration


As part of the Barrio Arts, Culture, and Communication Academy (BACCA), a group of youth from the Humboldt Park community has become involved in a campaign to address the issue of underage drinking in the community. BACCA is an innovative after school program developed by the Puerto Rican Cultural Center (PRCC) in collaboration with La Capilla delBarrio Community Chapel and funding from the Bethany United Hospital Fund. The program hopes to provide an alternative outlet to substance abuse. In addition, BACCA seeks to integrate community, culture, and multimedia production to empower youth to be agents of change and inspiration in their community.

The program also seeks to develop the assets that youth already have but which are rarely, if ever, validated in standard educational programs and schools. By working with a group of students, as youth organizers, these young people to be creating meaningful programs to engage other youth in their schools and community. We hope to create awareness in the community that will speak to the idea of positive transformation and possibility. We will be creating fliers, posters, theatrical productions, video PSAs, hosting events, and visiting schools. We will be working with high school students, particularly in Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School, Roberto Clemente High School, and ASPIRA High School.