Indiegogo Fundraiser for Chicano Movement Commemoration of “Symbols of Resistance” in Colorado


We are students, professionals, family, friends and activists gathering together to observe the 40th anniversary of the deaths of Los Seis de Boulder (six student and community activists who were killed in Boulder, Colorado) and honor the Symbols of Resistance, the nine martyrs of the Chicano/a movement in Colorado.

We are planning a commemorative event on May 31, 2014, at Su Teatro Performing Arts Theater, 721 Santa Fe Drive in Denver, Colorado.

The educational, cultural and political program will: honor the Symbols of Resistance, document our history and continue the struggle for social, cultural, economic and political freedom and justice. We seek to educate today’s youth and future generations about this important component of our history.


Please consider making a contribution to this project through a monetary donation and/or by sharing our page with your networks. We have a variety of gifts to provide to you for your donation. Please use our link to learn more about this important project.