Irma Romero Lives in the “Miracle of Latino Unity”

Elvira Arellano, renown immigration activist, raised a Puerto Rican flag in Maravatio, Michoacan (Mexico) in honor of her great friend Irma Cabrera Romero who struggled tirelessly for the freedom of the political prisoners like Oscar Lopez Rivera. “BORICUA-MEXICANO, LUCHANDO MANO A MANO” (BORICUA-MEXICANO, struggling hand-in-hand)

Elvira writes: “The great miracle of the immigration battle is the unity of our Latino community. Because of that unity, demonstrated in the last Presidential election, it appears that we will make progress this year in bringing people out of the shadows and protecting the right of our families to stay together. The history of that unity was hard fought and there are many unsung heroes. This week I raised the Puerto Rican flag in my home town of Maravatio in Michoacán, Mexico, in honor of my great friend Irma Romero who passed from this life two weeks ago. Download Elvira’s in English here.


“Mexican Roots Uplift Puerto Rican Passion” is the last interview of Irma by Que Ondee Sola, student newsletter at NEIU. Read the complete article on the QOS website here.