[lang_en]Jury clears Puerto Rico’s ex-governor Anibal Acevedo Vila in corruption trial[/lang_en]


    Former governor of Puerto Rico, Anibal Acevedo Vila, was found not guilty on Friday, March 21st, 2009 of all nine counts including conspiracy, money laundering and lying to the FBI. This conclusion to a month long corruption trial marks a major blow to US Attorney Rosa Emelia Rodríguez, a member of the statehood New Progressive Party. Rodríguez prosecuted then governor Acevedo Vila in an election year, which likely contributed to his defeat in one of the most lopsided elections in Puerto Rican history.

    Upon leaving the courtroom Acevedo Vila was greeted by hundred of supporters, waving Puerto Rican flags, singing, blowing whistles and chanting “Innocent!” Acevedo Vila remarked: “I hope Puerto Rico learns  from this lesson… you defend the truth no matter what.”[/lang_en]