Latino Unity Day in Springfield

By Stefanie Rodríguez, Affordable Care Act program

On May 5th, four of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center’s In-Person Counselors traveled to Springfield, IL for the Illinois Latino Unity Day. José Soto, Stefanie Rodríguez, Edwin Cortés, and Luis Rodríguez joined hundreds of other Latinos across the state for the opportunity to take part in important decisions that impacts our communities.

Many local politicians were present and they each had a chance to address the audience. One of them was State Representative Cynthia Soto, who was there to advocate for Latino youth and to talk about what she has been doing to continue fighting for our rights as residents of the state. Some DREAMers also spoke about their experience. Additionally, our very own Edwin Cortés spoke. He addressed a group of high school students and spoke about the struggle he is so devotedly fighting for. The students were impressed and Edwin was given a pin from ASPIRA as a form of gratitude for sharing his story and the importance to keep fighting for your beliefs.

Latino Unity Day was of great encouragement to all Latinos and minorities alike; we look forward to taking part in future events.