Nelson A. Denis presents War Against All Puerto Ricans in Chicago

By La Voz de Paseo Boricua

On Friday April 3rd, 2015 Nelson A. Denis, author of the recently released book, “War Against All Puerto Ricans”, presented on Paseo Boricua at Nellie’s restaurant.

He discussed his work before a packed audience, including a question and answer panel. “The War Against All Puerto Ricans” is a powerful and tragic history of U.S. domination of Puerto Rico that explores the Puerto Rican independence revolt of 1950, the FBI and CIA’s involvement, and the life and mysterious death of it’s charismatic leader, Pedro Albizu Campos.

The public included a number of prominent figures, including New York State Assemblyman Jose Rivera, HITN T.V. executive Mike Nieves, journalist Gelson Borrero, Puerto Rican lawyer and activist Alejandro Torres-Rivera, and the president of Puerto Rico’s oldest institution, the Puerto Rican Bar Association’s Mark A. Bimbela.

Nelson A. Denis also spoke at the 21st Pa’lante annual UPRS/UIC student conference on Monday April 6th, 2015. There he engaged students in a lively presentation about the book, as well as the history of political repression in Puerto Rico. That same day, he was a guest on WBEZ radio where he also discussed his new book.