Obama Should Follow Cuba’s Lead and Free People in U.S. Prisons

By Organizers of Days of Action Against the Blockade on Sept. 20, 2105
Spokesperson for the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity for the Peoples, Alicia Jrapko, asked, “Why can’t Obama follow the Cuban example before Pope Francis continues on his tour to the US on Sept. 22?”
Organizers of the Days of Action against the Blockade of Cuba, which took place this past week in Washington D.C., issued a statement in response to Cuban President Raul Castro’s humanitarian gesture of releasing 3,255 prisoners in anticipation of the visit of Pope Francis. This gesture will include prisoners over 60, younger than 20, those with chronic illnesses, women and those close to their release dates. The organizers made a call to President Obama to follow Cuban President Raul Castro’s lead and release more than 2.5 million prisoners currently in jails and prisons in the United States.
 The goal is to pressure the United States to end its failed blockade against Cuba.