by Pedro Mercado,

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VidaSIDA This past weekend, PRCC-Vida/ SIDA’s very own Pedro Mercado, Milani (Gustavo Varela), Maya Lozano, & Maritxa Vidal, were able to represent PRCC at the annual Creating Change Conference. Being the largest LGBTQ conference in the United states, Vida/SIDA was honored to work along with Union=Fuerza Latino Institute as a community partner. They spoke with community leaders from all across the country attending the Conference. Dialogues took place regarding the work being implemented in the Latin@ Community of Chicago. By engaging in workshops, seminars, and plenaries, our staff will be able to implement new strategies to the programs at PRCC-Vida/SIDA. They were also able to network with other activists and have been invited to participate in future conferences and trainings. The conference is scheduled to take place next year in Philadelphia.