33 Mujeres NYC x Oscar Inaugurated


On Sunday, March 31st, 33 women gathered in East Harlem for the inaugural demonstration of the newly formed network of women–33 Mujeres NYC x Oscar, calling for the release of Puerto Rican Political Prisoner, Oscar Lopez Rivera. A monthly action that began last year in Puerto Rico by las 32 Mujeres x Oscar, the 33 Mujeres NYC will also gather every last sunday of the month at 4pm for 33 minutes in solidarity. The number 33 represents the number of years Lopez Rivera has served in prison. May 29th marks his 33rd year of imprisonment. The 33 Mujeres NYC x Oscar are committed to gather each month until Lopez Rivera is released. Please check out our Facebook page for further information on upcoming demonstrations. More pictures here. Pictures by Marina Ortiz and David Galarza.