Detroit Presente! on Anniversary of Oscar’s Arrest


On the night of May 28th, in solidarity with the Campaign to free Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López-Rivera, Detroit NBHRN put up posters and banners all around the city. May 29th marked Oscar’s 33rd year of incarceration in U.S. Federal prison.

These banners and posters were posted in an effort to bring awareness of Oscar López and the campaign to release him. Even though the banners that hung on the freeways were taken down late the next day, many people talked about having seen them and even posted pictures of them on Facebook. Most of the other banners and posters have remained around the city throughout the days that followed. Because of these posters and banners, the NBHRN-Detroit Facebook page received over 70 likes on May 29th. Many sending messages inquiring more about Oscar’s case and what they can do to help release him.