Lolita Lebrón Family Learning Center Continues to be Recognized


The amazing work of the FLC students continues to be recognized by leaders in the field for their dedication and commitment to education.

In late July, Guadalupe Sanchez, will be attending the Just the Beginning Foundation Summer Legal Institute at John Marshall Law School in Chicago. The institute includes mock trial participation provides students with public speaking experience not only with peers but in front of an actual judge or attorney as well; lessons in basic legal research provide the student with a familiarity and comfort certain to be applicable and helpful for personal, academic and professional success; and, professionalism sessions teach them etiquette and keys to successfully selling ones self. At the end of the day, the SLI endeavors to give the students the resources and confidence to pursue a post-secondary education and beyond. We congratulate Ms. Sanchez on this endeavor.

In October 2013, 2 students from the FLC, with staff from PACHS and YES!, will be presenting at the 2013 Healthy Teen Network Conference ( in Savannah, Georgia. The presentation will be with Youth Empowering Strategies (Y.E.S.!), a program in Chicago that trains high school students to be peer health educators in their respective schools. The Presentation/Workshop Description – Youth Empowering Strategies (Y.E.S.!) is a youth health advocacy and empowerment nonprofit in Chicago. In 2011, YES began a partnership with Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School (PACHS), an alternative charter school, to reach and teach sexual health education to marginalized Latino, African American, and LGBTQ adolescents in the Humboldt Park and West Chicago Neighborhoods. This workshop will highlight the benefits of using peer educators in a school setting to lead lessons, strategies of successful implementation, and culturally competent curriculum adaptations to better target Latino, African American, and LGBTQ youth.

This is a very special opportunity as it is a representation of the work of our students and community partnerships to make progressive education possible. We are seeking donations to accommodate our attendance to the conference. All donations are 100% deductible. All donations are received through the Albizu Campos High School. You can visit and share the web site –