NYC 33xO Students at Hostos Community College


The New York Freedom Campaign for Oscar continues with 33 X Oscar activities around the city and different groups following the path taken by  Chicago and  Puerto Rico. This “Jornada 33 X Oscar”  commenced with the 33 Mujeres X Oscar in East Harlem during the March Women’s History celebrations like our sisters have in Puerto Rico for the last two years in San Juan.  On April 6, 33 Poetas X Oscar was also convoked in East Harlem. After Spring break for students, three groups of 33 plus Students did the 33 Estudiantes X Oscar at Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College on April 23 and April 24, 2014. In one of the students for Oscar group, they were honored by the presence and presentation of beloved former political prisoner Lynne Stewart and compañero Ralph Poynter who spoke eloquently to students majoring in criminal justice about her case and the need for more students to become the “people’s lawyer”. She insisted that students become conscientious workers in their careers in the  criminal justice field.  Students were inspired by Lynne’s  words and her steadfast commitment to freeing all political prisoners throughout the United States. That was followed by the 33 Seniors X Oscar at a community center who have been involved for the last year in the campaign. Once the seniors heard that both Puerto Rican parades the National on 5th Avenue and the Bronx parades were honoring Oscar, they stood up in a round of applauses for Oscar. On Sunday, April 27, the 33 Mujeres X Oscar will be rallying in the Bronx at the Fordham Plaza.