¡Gracias! ¡Mil Gracias!


To everyone who contributed to the fundraising efforts for the documentary “The Last Prisoner”:

You can still give “The Last Prisoner” tells the story of Oscar López Rivera, the sole remaining Puerto Rican political prisoner. The decorated Vietnam veteran and community organizer who would subsequently work for the independence of Puerto Rico is now at the center of a struggle to set him free from a long and difficult imprisonment.

He has been in prison since May 29, 1981. Twelve of those years were spent in solitary confinement despite the fact that Oscar was never convicted of crimes that resulted in deaths or injuries or ever accused of any act of violence. The fight for Oscar’s freedom has united Puerto Ricans and many others from across the United States, Puerto Rico and around the world. In 2013, artists, politicians, famous athletes and ordinary people went to symbolic prison cells on the anniversary of Oscar’s incarceration. And the cries for freedom are growing louder: Five Nobel Peace Prize winners including Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa have all joined the call for his release.

The PRCC wishes to thank the following community members who so generously contributed to this effort:

Paul Roldan                                   $3000.00
Roberto Maldonado                       $1000.00
José E. López                                $1000.00
Institute of Puerto Rican                $500.00
Arts & Culture
Margaret & Melinda Power             $500,00
Dora Garcia                                    $500.00
Steve Whitman                                $500.00
& Nancy Kurshan
Ada López                                       $500.00
Marvin Garcia                                  $100.00
Fred Rivera                                      $100.00

Additionally, we want to thank all those whose efforts netted a total of $15,000, which includes a donation of $1000.00 from the PRCC.

You can still contribute by contacting Esau Mélendez, the producer at [email protected]