The Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) Chicago Selects PRCC-Vida/SIDA Once Again as an Agency to Receive an Excellence in Care Award for the Fourth Year in a Row!


By Jorge Cestou


DIFFA/Chicago (The Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) is a not-for-profit fundraising and grant making foundation that distributes funds to Chicago area HIV/AIDS service agencies that provide direct service, preventative education and outreach to people who are HIV positive, living with AIDS, or at risk for infection.

In 2014, DIFFA/Chicago awarded grants to 26 different agencies in the Chicago Metro Area. Their funding strategies changed in 2015. Some of these strategies included the idea of providing more sizable grants to agencies that are making a greater impact and PRCC-Vida/SIDA out of only 10 agencies, was selected as an awardee this year.

Volunteers from the fashion industry, interior design, furnishings and architecture founded DIFFA/Chicago. Supporters of DIFFA now come from every field associated with fine design.  “In Chicago, the Excellence in Care Awards funding focuses on those agencies that demonstrate extraordinary effectiveness in achieving their chosen missions in the HIV/AIDS arena.”[1]

The awards ceremony will take place March 25th, 2015. PRCC-Vida/SIDA staff will attend to receive the award.  Jorge Cestou, Director of Programs and Services, congratulates all Vida/SIDA program staff for the excellent work they have done through the years. This award could not have been received without all of the contributions of this great group of committed individuals fighting to reduce HIV infections in our communities and helping those dealing with the disease, ease the pain.