Women for PASEO Thanks all the Volunteers and Sponsors for Noche Jíbara/ Guayabera Gala


By Sandra Candelaria

On Friday, September 4th, 2015, The Puerto Rican Cultural Center hosted Noche Jibara/ Guayabera Gala at The National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Cultural in Humboldt Park.  The gala was the official kick off for the 22nd Fiesta Boricua that ran from Saturday, September 5th through Sunday September 6th, 2015 at Paseo Boricua. The Gala not only celebrates the launch of Fiesta Boricua but is also the opportunity to welcome the delegation from the city of Cayey, Puerto Rico; as well as its Mayor, the honorable Rolando Ortiz Velázquez.  This year, Fiesta Boricua was dedicated to Cayey and it’s cultural legacy.
Sandra Candelaria, Women for PASEO Program Director and her staff members (Daisy Jiménez, Sylvia Correa, and Maya Lozano) organized the gala.  Women for PASEO thanks the hard work and commitment from the following staff members that help to make the Guayabera Gala a successful event.  We would like to acknowledge the excellent work and volunteer efforts from: Geniz Hernández, Viola Salgado, Lourdes Lugo, Shirley Payton and Raúl Maldonado (PRCC), Joshua Stern, Carlos Ruiz Jr, and Virginia Boyle (PACHS), Jonathan Contreras and Gregory Rueda (Integrated PASEO), Leo Lavender, Gustavo Varela, Pedro Mercado (Vida/SIDA), Luz Ramos, Digna Gerena, M Echevarria and various El Rescate residents (El Rescate), Alma Moreno (Centro Infantil), and Tatiana. We will also like to thank the staff from the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture for their much appreciated assistance previous and during the event. The PRCC is extremely happy and wants to recognize and thank the following sponsors for their generous food/beverage donations: Eddie’s Café, Roeser’s Bakery, La Bomba Restaurant, Jaffa Bakery, and Revolution Brewery.

We want our sponsors and volunteers to know that your continual support is greatly appreciated and you are the key to the event success.