At La Capilla del Barrio HAPPY BIRTHDAY OSCAR

(CHICAGO) Over 100 friends, family, loved ones and supporters of Oscar López RIvera’s freedom gathered on Sunday, jan. 6, 2013 at La Capilla del Barrrio to celebrate his 70th birthday. This milestone, celebrated in 10 cities and three countries by his supporters, was reported on by 5 publications.
The celebration began with the La Capilla youth acting a skit on the meaning of Three Kings, followed by a Prayer offered by Pastor Windsor after which Lincoln Methodist Church, a co-sponsor of the event, also had their youth dance under the direction of Tanya Lozano. Nuestro Tambó then graced the stage with a rousing parranda after which members of the López family spoke on what this day and Oscar’s prolonged absence meant to them.
Lourdes Lugo, niece, followed by José López with Gabriel and Karina, grandchildren spoke eloquently on how they missed Oscar. MC Michelle Morales also introduced Jan Susler, Oscar’s lawyer who spoke on the gains made by the campaign in the last year and the possibilities of the coming year. A pledge card and letter to Pres, Obama were circulated. Ricardo Jiménez, former political prisoner, vividly remembered the last time he left Oscar as left the prison in 1999. The event ended with the presentation of the birthday cake and the singing of both Happy Birthday and Las Mañanitas, as well as a pledge to re-double our efforts to free Oscar.